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Saucy Shrimp, Avocado & Tomato BBQ Kabobs

NAMM_Shrimp Kabobs

Skewers or kabobs are a summertime family favorite! Fun to make a delicious to eat, this recipe gives shrimp, avocado, and tomato and BBQ kick!

Saucy Shrimp, Avocado & Tomato BBQ Kabobs

Yield:  6 servings/18 skewers

Time:  25 minutes


1 Tbsp. melted margarine

2 Tbsp./1 oz. ketchup

1 tsp. Dijon mustard

1 tsp. red wine vinegar

2 tsp. brown sugar

1 Tbsp. pureed chipotles in adobo

18 (½ oz.) chunks avocado

18 each/9 oz. medium shrimp, peeled and deveined

18 each/9 oz. cherry tomatoes



Heat an outdoor grill or an indoor grill pan over medium high heat.

In a small bowl, combine the margarine, ketchup, mustard, vinegar, sugar and chipotles.  Reserve.

For each skewer, thread one piece of avocado, one shrimp and one tomato onto a 6” skewer. Spoon or brush reserved BBQ sauce over the skewers on both sides. Grill the skewers for about 1 ½ minutes per side or until the shrimp are cooked through.

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About Buttery Spreads

Experts agree on one important step to promoting better health: Swap out sources of saturated fat and cholesterol (hint: think solid animal fats) for healthful unsaturated fats (think plant-based oils).

These healthy oils, often referred to as “good fats” can be found in:

  • Nuts & seeds
  • Certain vegetables and fruits, like avocados
  • Extracted from plants in the form of vegetable oils

Soft spread margarines, which are made from vegetable oils, are an excellent source of heart-healthy unsaturated fat.